The Year of the Missing Census
by Johnie Lee

Research on this book began about 2003, and dozens of sources have been searched in the years since. Among the sources searched were the tax records of 1890, as well as marriage and divorce records, deeds, criminal and civil court case files, survey records, marks and brands records, cemetery and death records, newspapers, probate files, commissioners court minutes and church records, just to name a few. The location of each source is noted, if additional information is needed.

The book, which contains 253 pages, will be a perfect bound card stock cover, with a few photos from the era. Also included will be business ads and letterheads of various businesses which were operating in the county at the time. The index contains over 5900 entries, and approximately 12,000 entries in the census section, listing people living in Red River County in 1890. Some of these individuals were found in as many as five different sources, all listed for future reference.

The first section of the book contains several stories about life in the county in 1890. Histories were written based on research done from the 1890 era, and include such topics as Statistics from the 1890 census, lists of businesses in the county, histories of roads, railroads, post offices, schools, polling places, newspapers, churches, fraternal organizations, among others.

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